The Phiston MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer
(MVC-V-SSD) adds a new dimension to physical destruction of SSDs by combining Phiston’s V-Spike Technology that disables SSD Electronic Components.

Machine Weight (Excluding packaging and crating)135 lbs. – 110 volt model
150 lbs. – 220 volt model
Machine Dimensions16” x 22.5” x 9.75” (H x L x W)
Shipping Weight160 lbs. – 110 volt model
175 lbs. – 220 volt model
Shipping Dimensions21” x 26” x 13 ” (H x L x W)
Power Requirements (voltage / frequency / current)220 Volts A.C. ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 Amps
110 Volts A.C. ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps
Maximum Media Size Destroyed5.75” x 1.25” x 4” (H x L x W)
Full Crushing Cycle Time30 seconds. Debris falls into debris bin. No need to clean machine after each use.
Media AcceptedDedicated SSD destroyer (no adapters required), cell phones, circuit boards, memory chips. Will also crush a limited number of HDDs making them inoperable.
Debris CollectionDebris is ejected directly into enclosed collection bin which holds 1 computer SSD or 2 laptop SSDs. The optional chute accessory allows debris to be discharged continuously, directly into a garbage container.
Maintenance/Longevity50,000 Cycles MTBF. No blades to be replaced or sharpened
Technical supportOn-call technical support service department; nationwide and international technical support team that can be deployed if and when repairs or maintenance are needed.

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